About BWS Germanlingua

Learn German in Germany with BWS Germanlingua, offering German courses since 1984.

Wide Range of Course Offerings in Small Groups

Main courses of BWS are the standard and intensive courses. These are group courses with either 20 or 25 lessons per week. The maximum number of students in these courses is 10 (in July and August 12); the average number of students is five to six. In addition to these courses, we also offer evening courses, individual tutoring, senior courses, business German and a lot more.

The Right Level for you

You may be a total beginner in German, you may have some basic or intermediate knowledge of German or you may be almost perfect in German. We offer you six different levels and will determine which level is right for you by means of a placement test.

Start your course Any Week

The courses start every Monday. For total beginners only, we have special starting dates of every four weeks.

No-Hassle Accommodation

We also take care of your accommodation for you: You can stay with one of our carefully selected host families or in one of our apartments, where you can live together with other students from the school or by yourself.

Munich, Berlin and Cologne: The 3 top destination for language courses

When you choose your course, you can decide between 3 locations: the more traditional Munich or the life-style city of Berlin or Cologne. A hard decision, as all cities are very attractive! If you really can't decide, you can combine a course in both cities. We'll show you the best parts of the cities and offer you a leisure program of three activities per week included in the price.