BWS will be happy to arrange your accommodation in Munich or Berlin. Your accommodation is available from the Sunday before the start of the course to the Saturday after your course is finished. Extra nights are possible for an additional charge.

BWS offers you the following choices:


Homestay in Germany If you would like to live in a German-speaking environment, we advise you to choose a homestay, which is available with breakfast or half board.

Our homestay partners are carefully selected and can be married or unmarried couples with or without children, or single persons of all ages.

Shared flat (Student residence)

Homestay in Germany

If you would like to get to know other people your age, we advise you to choose this option.

You have the option of a twin or single room sharing all other facilities, bathroom and kitchen with up to six students. The minimum age is 20.

New Shared flat Superior: Now we can offer superior shared flat with more commodities like internet, dishwasher and washing machine, all to make your stay more comfortable.

Single apartment

If you would like to be completely independent, we advise you to choose a single apartment. You will live in one room with a kitchenette and your own bathroom. The apartments are adequately furnished and can be used by only one person. You can bring a second person with you at an extra charge.


We can arrange a hotel for you in the desired price category.