Group + Private Course

20 Group + 5 or 10 Private lessons

Group + Private Course

At this program, you will take part in the Standard Coruse and additionally receive One-to-One lessons.

At the One-to-One tuition, you will get intensive practice in German and you can focus on your specific requirements.

Group + Private course is for those who have to learn German in a very short time and would like to have a special focus on their personal language problems.

Sample Group + Private Course Schedule
Time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
09:30-11:00 Standard German Course
11:00-11:30 Break
11:30-13:00 Standard German Course
13:00-13:15 Break
13:15- 5 or 10 One-to-One lessons by arrangement

In the summer period, you will receive either morning or afternoon classes.
Course plans are subject to change